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Scheduled commercial flight

Sitting transport in Economy or Business Class

Many patients can be transported comfortably on board a scheduled commercial flight and nonetheless provided the best medical care. Depending on the diagnosis, the care provided ranges from the administration of oxygen during the flight and continuous monitoring of the vital functions of the patient to elevation of the legs in a holiday flier. On long-haul routes, sitting patient transport is mainly provided in Business or First Class. Apart from more privacy and more seating comfort, it is also possible for patients who can only sit for short times to spend most of the flight in a lying position.

Lying transport (stretcher)

Patients who cannot sit because of their illness are transported on scheduled commercial flights on a stretcher. In the aircraft, the stretcher is fitted across three seats, which are folded forward to give the patient a certain amount of freedom of movement of the head and to let the caregivers work on the patient. There is a curtain/screen for providing privacy to the patient.

Patient Transport Compartment (PTC)

Even patients needing intensive care can now be transported on scheduled commercial flights. Only Lufthansa offers this service world-wide on many long-haul routes. The PTC, which is a separate cabin withing the cabin, is used for this purpose. Depending on the model of the aircraft, up to 16 seats are dismantled to make way for the PTC. Apart from complete intensive care equipment, the PTC has 2 places for the doctor and paramedic or intensive care nurse.

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