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Air ambulance

Apart from transport on a scheduled commercial flight, there is also the option of transporting a patient in an air ambulance. These are private jets that are converted into "flying intensive care stations" specially for transporting patients.

The advantages of an air ambulance are clear:

  • Fast reaction, full flexibility
  • No waiting for place as with a normal commercial flight
  • No long drives for the patient to the airport, since regional airports can be used
  • Optimum intensive care of the patient
  • Flights at sea level
  • Transporting babies in an incubator or little children accompanied by their parents

Apart from the advantages above, a flight by air ambulance also provides another valuable plus, in that it saves the patient a long flight from a remote region or from an island to the nearest hospital with maximum care or to an international airport for onward transportation to the hospital where the patient lives.

Air ambulances are normally fitted with two stretchers that make it possible to carry two patients. However, this depends on the diagnosis of each patient, the possible flight routing as well as the whishes of the patient or his or her Family. A so-called double ambulance flight can bring about some cost saving und could even be less expensive than a scheduled flight on a stretcher.

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