Malteser Service Center

Patient Transport by Air

Scheduled commercial flight or ambulance jet

Often, scheduled commercial flights can be used, either in Business or Economy, to transport patients safely and quickly for further treatment to the countries where they live or to a suitable hospital. If necessary, rows of seats can be modified for this purpose, so as to give a patient the maximum possible comfort. The modifications can range from folding the front seat, to the installation of a stretcher with a simple screen as a partition from the other passengers, to the so-called Patient Transport Compartment (PTC).

In particular when a patient is under intensive medical care, air ambulance flights might be required to transport the patient to the destination. This aircraft is like a flying intensive care unit and medical care is provided by a flying doctor and nursing assistants.


Services of the Malteser Service Center - well cared for from the beginning to the end

  • Medical clarification of the condition of the patient by experienced doctors in most world languages
  • Selection and use of the most cost-effective transport variant
  • Provision of qualified and experienced medical personnel (medical specialists, paramedics, intensive care nurses)
  • Standardisation of the medical equipment
  • Organisation of ground transport to and from the airport
  • Frame agreements with the Airlines
  • Authorisation for issuing MEDIF forms (medical transport appraisals)
  • Bed reservations in the destination Hospital
  • 24/7 deployment monitoring and support to family

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